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Jan 13, 2011
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I had a very similar post over in the Rooting section of the S6 forums but it didn't look like it was reaching some of the people that could really benefit from this. I hope this will serve many people good and make things a little easier to find.

Basic Info

Hard Reset (Simulated Battery Pull)
Hold volume down and power button together for about 10 seconds.

Recovery Mode
Power device off. Hold volume up, home, and power buttons together till device boots.
Here you can:
-wipe data/factory reset
-wipe cache partition

Download Mode (Odin Mode)
Power device off. Hold volume down, home, and power button.

Hit volume up at blue screen to go into download mode.
Here it will tell you your phones:
-Current Binary Status
-System Status
-Reactivation Lock Status
-KNOX Warranty Void Status

Home button will give you
-Production Date
-Serial Numbers.

Use the Vol down + Power combo to reboot device out of download mode.

Safe Mode
Power device off. Hold power to turn on phone then hold volume down until the phone boots. You will see "safe mode" in the lower left hand corner of the screen.

Settings>System>About Device
Here you will find your phone's :
Model Number
Android Verison
Baseband Verison
Build Number
And few other things.

Enabling Developer Options
Click on Build Number tab 7 times in the About Device setting.

Let's Extend That Battery​

-If you are just now setting up your device, after you have taken your carrier's OTA, it is recommended that you do a factory reset via Recovery Mode. and wipe cache partition.

-If you have already setup your phone, then only wipe the cache partiton via Recovery Mode.

-If you have already setup your phone, but you are having very bad battery performance, it
would be highly recommended to do a Factory Reset and Clear Cache partition.

First off, lets start by uninstalling/disabling all Samsung/google/carrier bloatware you do not use.

If you see excessive battery drains soon after downloading an app(s), trying deleting the app(s) to see if it gets better. If it does, try a similar app if possible.

Always check the settings in any app you download. Particularly looking for any sync'ing settings. Turn off if it is not needed.

Next, lets begin on changing some settings.

1) Turn off Wifi calling if your device supports it. Change it to Cellular Network Preferred. Sprint and T-Mobile Only(I think)

2) Turn off VoLTE / Enhanced 4G LTE services (Settings>connections>mobile networks>mobile data)*Sprint and Verizon users see below

3) Turn off Smart Network Switch (Settings>wifi>menu>smart network switch)

4) Turn off Always Allow Scanning (Settings>wifi>menu>advance)

5) Turn off Google Location History (Settings>personal>privacy and saftey>location) This will slightly affect Google Now's functionality.

6) Check all of your Sync'ing accounts. Only sync what you need, turn off anything you don't need or something you can manually sync just when you need it. (Settings>personal>accounts)

7) Set your screen brightness lowest as you comfortably can for your eyes. Use auto for when you are outside.

*Turning off VoLTE on Sprint and Verizon will leave you unable to talk and use data at the same time.

Some extra things you can do to help extend your battery.

- Use the quick toggles to your benefit. Keep things off like wifi, location, and etc until you need them.

- Using a black background. Amoled screens turn off pixels when not being used. So setting a black/dark background will boost battery preformance.

- Using a dark theme on the OS and any apps that has one available. Same logic as above to save battery life.

- Turn off the Hot Word Detection Always On in the Google Settigns App.

- Disable S-Voice if you don't plan on using it. (Settings>device>applications>application manager>all tab> find S Voice and disable it)

- Users with high standby drain, disabling ANT+ Plugins service and ANT Radio Service has shown to help a lot.

- Turning off Report disgnostic info to google has been suspected to help keep wakelocks from happening.

Helpful Threads and Links
Maximize Battery Life Discussion Thread
Full Device Backup with Android SDK

Hardware Replacement Parts and Guides

Repair Universe Parts
Witrigs Parts
Ifixit Repair Guides
Disassembly Video

Smart Switch

Samsung's Smart Switch is a utility program that will transfer contacts, photos, music, videos, messages, notes, calendars and more to your new GS6 or other Samsung phones. It does work also if you are coming from an iOS device. You can do this by installing the app on both of the phones -OR- download

Smart Switch for PC

Smart Switch for Mac
Tutorial Video

Not only does it transfer all of your data to your new phone, you can also backup your current Samsung device with it. You can later restore your phone with the created saved file. (PC app function only)

You can also use it to keep your phone up to date with the most current android version that is out for your phone/carrier. (PC app function only)

Stock Reflash Using ODIN

Mac Users Click Here!

Download Samsung Drivers

Download Odin
XDA Thread Here

Download Stock Firmware From Below (You will need to know your model number)

XDA Download Thread (Has At&t firmware listed, other two links does not.)
SamMobile Firmware Downloads
GS6Root.HighOnAndroid Downloads

From WonderHowTo
Step 1: Boot Your Phone into Download Mode
To begin, you'll need to boot your phone into Download Mode so that Odin can access your system partitions. From a powered-off state, press and hold the volume down, home, and power buttons simultaneously. At this point, you'll see a warning message—but like it says, just press the volume up button to enter Download Mode. At this point, just connect your phone to your PC with a USB data cable, then the rest of the work will be done on the Windows side of things.

Step 2: Install the Samsung USB Drivers on Your Computer
From your Windows computer, start by downloading the Samsung USB Drivers. Once the file is saved to your PC, simply launch it, then follow the prompts for installation.

Step 3: Install Odin on Your Computer
Next, you'll need to download Odin itself. The latest version can be found at this link, and all you need to do here is extract the contents of the ZIP into a folder you can access easily.

Step 4: Download Your Stock Firmware File
Finally, you'll need to grab a copy of the stock firmware for your particular variant of the Galaxy S6. Start by heading to one of the links above to download your firmware. If you're unsure of your exact model number, refer to the user manual that came with your device, or look under the "About device" menu in Settings.

Step 5: Open Up Odin on Your Computer
At this point, you're ready to flash the stock firmware on your Galaxy S6. To begin, right-click the Odin3-v3.10.6.exe file, then choose "Run as administrator."

Step 6: Select Your Firmware File
From here, leave all of the options selected exactly as they are, then click the "AP" button near the center of the window. At this point, a file browser menu will pop up, so use this to select the firmware file that you extracted from the ZIP in Step 4.

Step 7: Flash the Factory Firmware
After selecting the firmware file, keep an eye out on the "Log" tab near the bottom-left corner of Odin. When it says "Leave CS," you're ready to flash the firmware. Click the "Start" button at the bottom of the screen to begin.

At this point, Odin will get to work on flashing the stock firmware. The process will take around 10 minutes, but when it's done, the box in the top-left corner of Odin will read "Pass," and your phone should automatically reboot. If it doesn't reboot, press and hold the volume down and power buttons on your phone to manually restart the device. At this point, you can disconnect your phone from your PC.

This first boot will take a lot longer than it normally does, even as much as 10 minutes. But when you get back up, your phone will be 100% stock from a software standpoint—but keep in mind that nothing can reset a tripped KNOX counter, so you may still see a "Custom" status if that's the case. If you experience any minor glitches after restoring the stock firmware, simply reboot into recovery mode and perform a factory reset.
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Contact List

Android Pay
Google- All Services
Samsung Support
Samsung Pay FAQ / Contact Info

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:How can I arrange my apps in alphabetical order?
A: If you're asking this, you're on an intentional GS6 model. Unfortunately, it seems you do not get this feature until you are able to upgrade to 5.1.1 The U.S. carriers has the A-Z option on 5.0.2.

Q: How do I turn on/off mobile data?
A: Settings>Connections Tab>Mobile Networks>Mobile Data> Check/Uncheck Standard Data.

Q:Why don't I have 5.1.1 yet on my GS6 and only have 5.0.2? When will I get it?
A: 5.1.1 is out for select Samsung GS6 but not all. Factors include your device model and your carrier. Google has released it but carriers will take their time tweaking it before sending it out for an OTA. Just have paitences.

Q: I get horrible battery life, is this nornal? Can I do something to make it better?
A: It is known that the GS6 doesn't have the greatest battery life. There are several things you can do to try and make your battery last you longer. See post above and check the local thread here for more info.

How to turn off Capacitive Button Lights?
A: Settings>device>display>Touch Key Light Duration>Always Off
Don't have that setting?
Dial out
*#0*# to open HW Module Test app. Bottom left corner you will see the box that labeled Black. Select and the screen and the Capacitive buttons should all go black. From here hold power button to reset device. Once you are booted back up, you should now not have anymore Capacitive back-lit buttons.

Q: Google Play Services uses the most of my battery, why?
A: This is a known bug. Turning off some google services can help. Restricting background data does the best job, but you will quit getting Gmail and other google sync'd notifications while you are on mobile data.

Q: My screen went black and will not come back on, how can I fix this?
A: This is probably due to a wakelock. It occurs when the kernel is unable to wakeup the device from deep sleep. I've seen posts claiming plugging the phone into a computer via usb will wake the device up.

Q: There are blue/purple spots on my screen when using my front facing camera, how can I fix this?
A: This is a known problem with some GS6 units. It is covered by your manufacture warranty. Contact the business where you purchased it to see if they will swap you to a new unit. Samsung will not send you a different device, they will fix your device, unless its not able to be repaired. This is a 2 week turn around time of not having a phone.

Q: Why does my selfie pictures look weird?
A: It's more than likely the beauty feature of the camera. While using the FFC, top left side it will say beauty, tap it and adjust.

Q: Why does my 4G go to 1x when I make a phone?
A: You will see this on Verizon/Sprint's GS6. You need to enable VoLTE calling to be able use data while on the phone.
Why Do I Have to Do This?
The older phones had two CDMA radios put in them (such as the S3 on Sprint). One dedicated to voice -- another dedicated to data. Therefore you could do voice and data. GSM has always been one radio because that one radio can do both tasks at the same time. They got around it on CDMA by simply adding another radio in there and dedicating each one to one task.

Now they're getting rid of that second CDMA radio. So therefore you can only use talk, or data -- not both at the same time. Now if you're using VoLTE for your calls it will allow voice and data since the call will be going through LTE (as data) so it is technically then all data which would bypass this restriction.

Q: Why does my lock screen change from pin to swipe on its own?
A: Make sure you do not have Webroot Secure Anywhere app installed. This is a known bug within the app. Also check to make sure you have no other apps installed with administration rights.

Q: Difference between Samsung Pay and Android Pay?
Q: How to use Samsung Pay?
Q: How To Use Android Pay?
A:To save room check out AC's Android Pay vs Samsung Pay Article
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I tested the links after I posted and everything was working for me from my phone. Can you retry the link again?

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I tested the links after I posted and everything was working for me from my phone. Can you retry the link again?

I get the same error in three different desktop browsers.

Edit: now it's working. Previously the URL was missing the L in .html
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You're correct, it does affect it, but doesn't disable it or anything.

Fair enough. Google Now is a big feature for me, so I choose not to hinder its functionality. However, this could be good for those with battery issues.

I think there should be a note with that point in the original post to indicate that it affects other functions, unlike most other tweaks.


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Fair enough. Google Now is a big feature for me, so I choose not to hinder its functionality. However, this could be good for those with battery issues.

I think there should be a note with that point in the original post to indicate that it affects other functions, unlike most other tweaks.

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