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Android KitKat set language for Bluetooth voice dial

Nov 10, 2013
Android KitKat set language for Bluetooth voice dial

Hi, i'm having a problem with my new Nexus 5. Please note this is my first android device.

I cant figure out how to change the input language for dialing with a bluetooth headset which is pretty annoying since most of my contacts have french names. Everything else works fine with french voice commands on the phone except for the bluetooth voice dialer which always specifies English on the top right.


Can anyone tell me how to change this? I would prefer to keep the menus un english if possible, but I have even tried removing english and setting french everywhere and it didn't change the voice dialing option.

Thank you


New member
Nov 29, 2013
I'm having the same problem whereby everything is set to English(UK) as far as I can tell but when I try and use a newly purchased Jabra Cruiser 2 it always invokes the voice dialler via bluetooth with English(US) and subsequently fails to find most of my contacts. Thus rendering the device almost useless. I have spoken to Jabra support and they feel the problem is with Google. An answer would be really useful.


Retired Moderator
Feb 12, 2012
Just an off-the-cuff guess, but a speech-to-text app/file for the correct language?
Mar 29, 2014
I found this little tutorial which doesn't actually fix the issue, but works around it:

Reassign Your Bluetooth "Phone" Button to Open Google Now

Basically now when I click the button on my bluetooth headset I get google now even when I have my phone locked. Just remember to click on your bluetooth button once while the phone is unlocked and select to always use bluetooth launcher rather than the default app. Then even when the phone is locked google now is displayed for voice dailing. :)