Any problem with SD card after KITKAT update?

ranajit saha

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Jul 29, 2013
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I have heard there are many problems with SD card after the kitkat update; like files from phone memory to SD card can't be transferred without using computer; photos will be saved in phone memory; after updating apps are deleted; or can't write apps onto SD etc.. Are all these problems real?

What problems do you face after updating it to KITKAT, if any?

Another question: has anyone received OTA kitkat update in INDIA for GT-I9500?

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Jul 14, 2011
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KitKat 'breaks' Write access to SD card for 3rd party apps. Usually Samsung bypassed this but in the new update it seems it didn't. So now apps won't be able to write files to the SD card other than media files (pictures, music, videos). Most 3rd party file managers now won't be able to write to SD card, so moving files around, deleting them, etc. is crippled.

Again, a Google decision, not a Samsung one.

That being said, system apps (like your stock camera or File manager) will still retain write access, so you should still be able to save pictures to SD card. Some apps can regain some functionality by modifying their code and updating the app, but full write access the SD Card, unless you're rooted and modify the right line in the config file, is now restricted.