Anyone have any opinion if this 2900mAh battery would last longer?


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Jan 6, 2011
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Caught this on eBay. A 2900mAh battery. Isn't the OEM a 2100mAh? Does that mean the eBay one is likely to last longer? (assuming it lives up to what it's being advertised as)

Here's the link:
2900mAh battery

Thanks for your info!


Sep 4, 2009
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IF it really provides 2900 mAh capacity, then yes.

But think about it: Chemistry is chemistry. A single Li cell of a given size has a given amount of capacity. The only way to increase that capacity is to make the cell bigger, or wire multiple cells together. Or both. Given that this battery is the same size as OEM, how exactly did they cram 38% more cells, or 38% bigger cells, into that space? And do so at a cost of only $5 per battery?

I've bought cheap Chinese 3rd party batteries for several devices simply because they're cheap. In pretty much every case, regardless of the claimed capacity, in real use they discharge faster than the OEM battery, and fail to hold a charge after 12-18 months. I use them as backup batteries, if I need to swap part way through the day, and at a price of $5 a battery it's a worthwhile trade-off for me. But I'd take any capacity claims with a very large grain of salt.

If it sounds too good to be true......


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Jan 1, 2012
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Funny cause a few months back I bought this EXACT same thing.... 2 "2900" mAh batteries plus a wall charger for 10 bucks. They really are NOT 2900 and in reality they last way LESS longer than the OEM battery the phone came with. Ended up selling both batteries back on eBay (for $10 each, so I made $10 lol) and bought the Hyperion 4200mAh battery. Now I get 50hrs per charge.

john doeman1

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May 29, 2014
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Your are right about the size and the cells but you forgot one thing. Samsung designed their battery with NFC and the antenna inside the battery actually takes up space resulting in 2100 mah therefore aftermarket batteries are able to squeeze some extra juice in their battery which will result in this 2900mah battery he is talking about. I'm positive the his battery doesn't have nfc though. Anyways nice info people. Oem isn't always better but some cases it is but most cases they opt to produce something cheap just like aftermarket but since it's name brand they price it higher. A lot of people don't realize that some things come off the same assembly line but are branded different and some uneducated people will pay more for the name brand over generic. What would I know though. I'm just a engineer for Lockheed Martin and I don't create batteries. Good day people.
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