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Sep 2, 2011
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Hey I was wondering if anyone can help me out with some issues im having with my evo 3d.

when im texting and i send a text sometimes the other persons text shows up on top of mine in the conversation even though i sent it first.

My evo keeps taking my notes widget off the home screen( Htc Hub Notes)

is there any way to take a 3d picture in portrait mode? i wanna take a picture of a flag pole and i cant do that in landscape. i know its because eyes cant see it if its vertical but cant the evo just convert it into landscape?

is it just me or is the crop feature on android flawed i wanted to crop a picture and it let me highlight all of it but as soon as i tried to crop some writting of the bottom the right side could no longer be highlighted.So i couldnt just get rid of the text and keep the rest of the picture intact

Is there a way to show texts individually like old phones use to instead of in conversations.

Is there a way to play games in landscape mode while laying sideways without having to turn off auto rotate.

Can i recover a stock scene that i deleted?

Is there more than one Notification LED?

Thanks and sorry if its alot i just couldnt find any solid answers.
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Jan 20, 2011
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The first question is simple, it happens because of the time stamp the system puts on it and there is nothing that you can do about it.

Second question I have no idea what to tell you. Mine will change the screen shut off timer to "always on" on its own every so often. Just one of those things.

Third question is no 3d only works in landscape cus the cameras have to be side by side for the effect to work.

4th is there might be an app that does it but you'll have to check the market. For the right price I might be inclined to make one, lol.

5th is only if you are careful. The phone won't rotation a full 360 degrees so if you rotate it on its head it will stay in landscape.

6th is simply no not with out buying software to do it, Android has no recycle bin. If you remember the name look on the marketplace since a lot of them wind up in there. Also try getting an app called zedge, it has tons of wallpapers.

And finally, not that I know of.
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