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May 16, 2011
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I can't take the credit for this as I found the post on how to do this here...

...but I did find out what the 3rd option is (apparently it allows you to send emails via text) and like the OP, I didn't have AT&T enable it.

So I'm referring to SPAM texts that don't have a phone #, only an email address so you can't forward these to 7726 to report the SPAM text (see bottom side note below for more info...) The SPAMMERS know this btw. I think this is why AT&T customers can't reply to group texts with more than 10 people since AT&T assumes it's SPAM.

Currently, there isn't anything I know of to do anything with these annoying SPAM group texts from email addresses and you can only hope the many others in the group don't respond. If they do, you're probably gonna get a lot more SPAM! :mad:

So AT&T can block all text messages that originate from an email address by having them change 2 of the 3 features by disabling...
1. Texts sent from emails to SMS
2. Texts sent from emails to MMS
3. Send emails via text you can call AT&T @ 800.331.0500, you may need to be transferred to a Tier 2 tech (Advanced Technical Support Dept.) and tell them to look up Article 446389 (maybe reference "Torch" then "Mind" and maybe "Getaway" or "Gateway" -but it didn't sound like this was necessary for me as the agent saw the article and understood what to do next) however, the Tier 1 agent I spoke to initially said the boxes were all grayed out for him and this is why he transferred me to a Tier 2 tech and she knew exactly what to do.

She also confirmed...

  • AT&T had a meeting 2 months ago about lifting the restriction of replying to group texts of more than 10 people. They are aware of this and are working on the platforms to widen the group text messages but they don’t have an ETA at this time.

Side Note...
And for those who may not be aware, when you get a SPAM text, simply forward it to 7726 (which spells SPAM), AT&T will then ask you for the phone # and then you can copy and paste it so they can remove this from their network, hopefully eliminating any more SPAM's coming from this #.

Hope this all helps!


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Aug 5, 2015
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Good find about the "article 446389".

Note about ATT 7726 -- it only works for SMS. If the forwarded message is MMS due to length or pictures, the forwarded message gets ignored by ATT.

We have only been waiting since the 1990s for the 10-person limit to be lifted.....

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