Audio app (Listen Audiobook Player) fails to play through bluetooth headset after google maps speaks

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Until this past Friday the app (Listen Audiobook Player, LAP) has been working without any issues. I don’t know if I did something stupid or something changed on my Samsung Note 8. I’m using a MPOW Bluetooth headset and have been listening to books mainly when driving and I’ve been using Google Maps or Waze for navigation at the same time. Everything worked without issue until this past Friday. I’ve rebooted my phone (power off and power on), I’ve restarted my phone several items, and I’ve started in safe mode nothing has resolved my issue. I’ve also searched the internet for a possible solution, nothing I found helped.
Issue (more details)
I start the player (LAP) and press the play icon, the book plays through my headset. Either Google Maps or Waze starts and as soon as either speak LAP no longer plays through the headset. It plays at a VERY low volume through the phone speaker, at this time I cannot get LAP to play through the headset until I restart the phone. I can listen to music via Media Monkey and use either Google Maps or Waze (or both at the same time) and I can hear the music through my headset. I purchased the phone when it was released and this is the first time I’ve encountered this issue. Tuesday all was working without the issue.

I’m using Android 9, Kernel version 4.4.153. The phone is NOT rooted.

To my knowledge, nothing changed on my phone between Tuesday and Friday.

Twice tonight I uninstalled and reinstalled LAP, still I have the issue.

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