authorize an HOX (again) to google music?


Oct 31, 2012
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Hey there!

Lately i had trouble with me device syncing my music that that upload perfectly fine on the computer google music,, but the latest songs i uploaded they just dindt appeard on my device despite refreshing the library and uninstaling google music, even ereasing all the music and uploading it all again, which worked for the computer online app but no for the device itself (now i din't have any music on the library). The last measure i took (read on the internet) was to deauthorize the device (htc one x) from the computer internet app and then open the app on the phone and it was supoused to work, turns out that it still didnt synced anything and now my device wont appear as an "authorized device).

Any thoughts or ideas? i have uploaded al my music to the HOX memory, but i really want to all be on the cloud.

Thanks for your help!