Battery life significantly reduced after last 2 system updates

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I have a Samsung S6 Active... Until recently I have had no issue with the phone.. battery life has been excellent in the past... I don't run a lot of apps.. I use it for mostly email, text, phone, internet, and navigation... About 6 months ago I got a system update that changed some settings on my phone.. an app called Peel Remote was installed.. this app just suddenly launches advertisements on my phone out of the blue.. Then a couple of months ago another system update caused some other strange behavior on my phone.. After the update I get this strange red blinking boarder around the Messaging screen... and battery life was reduced.. I also noticed that for certain web sites that I visit I get strange messages before I get routed to the sites... Some of the sites I like to visit seem to fail to load a lot more often than before... In fact I can't say that I ever really had much trouble with them at all before...

Now just two days ago I got hit with another system update. I had postponed it several times, but the other morning when I picked up the phone it said "update complete....". I did not agree to the update. Anyway.. long story short, the blinking red boarder around my Messaging screen is also happening in Internet too, but is now much worse and battery like is again significant impacted... I used to be able to set my phone down with 25% battery, and come back an hour later to find it still had 23-24% battery life still... Now, 30 minutes later my phone is dead.... The phone is clearly doing something in the background that I can not detect.....

I have a few questions:
1. How do I get info on these updates? e.g
- Who is pushing them?
- Can I track them (list of updates applied and when they were installed)?
- What were they for / What did they change?
2. Can they be backed out?
3. Can I block them from loading without my explicit agreement?
4. How can I detect things running in the background on my phone? or using my data connection?

I am at the point where I am contemplating starting from scratch.. wiping the phone and reloading factory settings, and reinstalling the few apps I do have.. like Yelp and my banking apps...

I am getting very frustrated with this situation. I appreciate any help and insight.. thanks.

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