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Mar 4, 2014
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I've just released Mac.remote

Why I created this app? I couldn't found good looking, simple and customisable remote app in google play that works great out of the box. I used mac remote by Agusti Bau, but I decided to create my app because:
- Users don?t use the same applications, so they need customisation, to add their apps and remove unnecessary default items.
- Most mac users including me love nice and simple design
- Probably you sometimes need current track info when you're lying on couch with remote, so I implemented also this option for some apps and you can also implement it in your custom app.
- People need simplicity and consistency, so I implemented media buttons that works the same way as media keys in mac, e.g. long click on "next" button works like "fast-forward" in iTunes.

Plans for future:
Mac.remote is the first product from .remote family, next linux.remote is on the way.
I share some ideas about future plans here Future plans | .remote and I am waiting for users feedback what I can improve and which ideas are the most awaited.

Project page is at: .remote | Best Remote for Android
In the future I will write more tips and tricks about custom configuration on the blog.