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Best option for temporary glass fix?


New member
Aug 23, 2019
I grabbed my girlfriend's S8 after she got an upgrade, but she dropped it a couple of times. It's got some pretty gnarly damage on the corners (chunks of glass missing) front and back. Miraculously the display, camera lenses, etc are undamaged so the phone is usable.

I'm wondering if the adhesive in the whitestone dome glass kit would be durable enough to fill in the gaps/cracks to keep it from getting worse. Or would using a harder LOCA be a better idea as the whitestone stuff sounds like it's fairly soft?

To be clear, I understand it wouldn't be perfect but getting the display and back glass replaced would cost almost as much as buying a new one. And whitestone has the S8 kit on sale ($33 shipped) so I figure it's worth a a shot.

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