Best video format for Nexus 7


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Sep 29, 2012
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I know the Nexus 7 and Android devices in general can play pretty much any file type you throw at it (<3 MX Player), but I have a bunch of tv episodes in 720p .mkv format that I want to put on my tablet before leaving for vacation. What is the best size/quality format? I'd prefer not to fill up the entire HD and cloud storage is going to be out of the question as I won't have internet on this trip. I have handbrake and wondershare converters installed currently. Wondershare has a generic android setting and Handbrake has Android High & Low. Anybody have experience with either? What format do you recommend?



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Oct 28, 2012
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You could just set the Video tab quality slider lower (to left) on handbrake's M4V standard output until you don't like the quality of the output. You are trading lower file size for quality of output then.

Personally, I would just get another $20 32 GB MicroSD flash memory chip and plug it into the reader hooked to the microUSB connector, play it with Nexus Media Importer. Then I can have the higher quality output to use on my N7 AND home system with the same file. elago Mobile Nano II USB 2.0 microSDHC Flash Memory Card Reader (Black): Electronics SANOXY Micro USB Host Mode OTG Cable Flash Drive SD T-Flash Card Adapter FOR Samsung GT-i9100 i9100 Galaxy S II 2 GT-N7000 Galaxy Note: Cell Phones & Accessories
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Mar 16, 2011
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I use the ?android high" profile in Handbrake and the N7 plays it fine. That said, I make some changes.

For HD sources I set the size to 1280x??? while maintaining the aspect ratio and I turn the anamorphic setting to "None". For anamorphic DVD rips I set the anamorphic setting to Loose and leave the the size at the default from the source (usually 720x???)

On the "Video" tab, for "Framerate (FPS)" I pick "Same as Source" and check "Constant Framerate." I will usually keep the quality slider at RF:20 for HD material (unless it is a really long movie, then I will usually turn it down to keep the encode from going over the 4GB limit for FAT32) but for DVDs I will usually drop the quality slider to 16 or so to give them a little more. Obviously you can adjust the video quality up or down to taste. Or you can do a two pass encoding and pick the bitrate you want to use if you want to hit a particular file size with more accuracy.

Finally, for audio I switch from the default of "Dolby Pro Logic II" to just plan "Stereo."

Forgot to add, I just use the .m4v container. I've never found a compelling use for the .mkv container. But I rip shows from discs, I've never really downloaded shows.


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