Black screen, how to retrieve pictures?


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Dec 8, 2014
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Replaced older Note 3 with New one 10 days ago, went to Australia and 5 days later dropped phone, screen went blank, but it sounds like it will turn on and off as it makes the Tmobile start up sound sound with blue light in upper left on for a few seconds. When charging it does not show any light. Am now back home. Screen DID NOT crack, but lcd did (I think). How can I retrieve pictures stored in internal memory & NOT on SD card?. When plugged into computer the computer tries to recognize the device then it tries to load "MTP USB Software" and then says installation failed. then again it said successful and then again it says failed. Cannot see device either in Windows media player or in My Computer. My thought was to transfer the memory board to a working LCD body and see if it works, or are there other work arounds as I cannot navigte screen menus while screen is black.
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Dec 25, 2013
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Try downloading Samsung Kies to your computer, it usually downloads drivers as well. It sounds like you have an intermittent connection though and maybe out of luck.
You would see a new drive on the pc and find photos in the phones DCIM folder, or use Kies to transfer.
Also if you had a pin type screen lock rather than a swype lock, your computer would not have access usually.
Don't take my answer as definitive though, just my experience.

If you could post this again in the Ask Any Question forum, we have a roaming retired electronics genius of an Ambassador there who may suggest more.

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