Bluetooth connection = minimized apps


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Dec 6, 2011
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I'm not sure what I'm missing with this but I've only gotten this with the S22U. I don't think it is Android 12 related because I had 12 on my S21U and this didn't happen then.

I first noticed this when I would get into my car, if I had Maps actively navigating full screen, it would minimize as soon as the car connects then display these three choices. See the attached photo. But I don't know what it wants to do.

As you can see it says Complete action using, Bixby Voice, Google or Tasker. These three aren't really related in any way that I can tell either. If it was Google Assistant and the other two maybe but then why Tasker Secondary not just Tasker? When I press the (i) to get more info it just says to make a selection to complete the task but doesn't say what the task is, why I need to make a selection or what the selection will do. Like I mentioned the options aren't very helpful.

Since Maps was open you might think that it wants me to initiate a navigation or something with Maps but then I found that it does the same with YouTube. It doesn't minimize Waze, I'm assuming because Waze doesn't have a minimized version but I can't remember if it closes it or if nothing happens. I get the three options even if nothing is open or playing

Ok so you might think it has something to do with Android Auto or something handsfree since ~two of the three can be controlled by voice but it does this with my BT speaker. So you might think it's BT related but it doesn't do this with Galaxy Buds. I even tried picking a default app. The pop-up doesn't happen but Maps and YouTube still minimize. Besides those apps minimizing I can't tell that anything else has happened.

Can anyone either tell me what the action needing to be completed is or how to stop this whole mess in the first place?



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Feb 6, 2017
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Check tasker if you have it set to perform this action for certain things , this is a new one I heard of Vidjunky lol


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Jun 3, 2020
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Have you tried to choose a default like Google to me it looks like it's looking for the default app for hands-free voice and it's giving you really Bixby and Google to pick from... Tasker will always show up as an option since you have Tasker set up on your phone...

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