Broken power button - odin download mode


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Jun 2, 2019
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So I have a broken power button on my galaxy tab 3 SM-T211,
I’m planning to upgrade the firmware, so things goes on,
Now I’m facing a very difficult situation, since I have a broken power button, I was not able to go to download mode, my first plan was rebooting it to download mode via adb commands which is fairly simple, but my concern is when I reboot it via adb and run odin, Will odin still detect my device knowing I already plugged my device in computer?


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Feb 12, 2012
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You could also use adb boot bootloader (since there's no bootloader mode, per se, in a Samsung, that should bring you to download mode).

As for whether the PC will recognize it, if you install the Samsung USB Driver for Windows, it will if the phone is working properly.

And the switch may not be broken, it may just be the plastic piece. This eBay seller is selling the buttons (power and volume) for $6.20 shipped. But you have to be very careful pulling the case far enough apart to slip the button in there (and save the volume button for when you need it).

Or you can buy the switches and cable and replace it. Beut's link is one of the cheapest. (Always watch the shipping charge on eBay - you'll see some 79 cent items with a $15 shipping charge. The seller pays eBay on the price, but not on the shipping charge, and most of the time, eBay lets them do it - almost free for the item and a fortune for shopping [in a bag that costs less than a dollar, and postage that's less than a dollar.)

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