Broken screen, need to confirm USB "Transfer files" somehow


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Jul 27, 2021
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So when I connect my Huawei P30 Lite to a computer using USB I internal storage pops up in my Windows Explorer.

But before I can access any of my files/DCIM folder I need to confirm a question-box named "Use USB for" with the choices like "Only charging", "Transfer files", "Mass storage" etc. You know, know that things that pops up on your phone immediately after connecting your phone to a PC using USB.

However, my screen is broken so I cannot confirm this question-box. This is quite frustrating cause I cannot copy over my pictures even though they are right there.

Any smart ways of getting around this? Just need to confirm for "Transfer files" and i'll be good.


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Dec 6, 2011
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OK not 100% on this but maybe. I'm assuming that your saying that you can see the items on your screen but are just unable to make selections. Nomenclature in a case like this is the difference between getting good advice and worthless advice. So if the screen works but not selections, that would be the Digitizer or it might be referred to as the front glass. If the display didn't work that would be, the LCD or display.

Anyway, perhaps with an adaptor you could plug in a mouse to navigate on the screen. A mouse and keyboards should be plug and play and should not require any pairing or acceptance because they are physically attached to the device. Oh but you say, I need that USB to connect to my PC, but do you? If you can connect a physical mouse and the phone otherwise works you have a lot of options. You can backup items to Google Photos, Google Drive or any backup service you choose and skip the PC. If you must have the PC. You could connect the wired mouse, navigate to your Bluetooth settings and pair a BT mouse. Once paired you can remove the wired mouse and connect to the PC and use the BT mouse to make your selections.

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