Buying refurbished S8, vs the new A30 etc? For a non power user.


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Jun 19, 2017
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My main concern with the S8 is it will only have 1 OS update left (10)?

Also whilst the A30 wide angle camera isnt great, it has one. Along with a big 4000mah battery and a flat screen.

I really dont like the curved edges on Galaxies, I think having double curved edges and bodies made from glass is bad industrial design. Also the S8 edges just look weird on videos, where the new s10 looks better. I would buy an s10e if it were more affordable as I also prefer its size.

Im not a power user and the Ram is the same, so Im not sure if there is much benefit in the S8 for me?

Here the price for a refurbished S8 is about 40% more than a new A30.

Mostly I use my phone for SMS and Calls, sometimes Skype, web browsing occasionally when not near a notebook and I actually like watching Netflix etc on the Mobile as its easier to fall asleep in bed or to use anywhere than a notebook.

I think one function the S8 has that I would use is Dex.

Appreciate any perspective as some times its hard to see what you need vs what everyone else has.

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