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Sep 26, 2011
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there doesnt seem to be any specific place for me to ask this so i hope this ones ok?

Hi, I am an apple user unfamiliar with android and have a jailbroken iPhone 4
Just won an HP Touchpad and picked it up 2 days ago.
Although webOS is nice, it doesn't offer me what I am used to.

Not sure of the right terms but can i turn this Touchpad into an android device. (er, I mean install it on it?)
Someone said that I would be able to do so?

But what i need to know first if so, is whether or not if i were to, if these few things could be accomplished on it.

First, I dont use credit cards online which poses a problem buying apps. By having jailbroken my phone I am able to pay for them through CYDIA to the developers with pay pal. HP app store only accepts credit cards.

Secondly, I have about 500 .mob Ebooks that i am able to instal on my Kindle app and read.
Admittedly I didn't buy these from Amazon so they are my own and with the jailbroken iPHone, I can easily install them and read them there.

I MUST be able to put on Angry Birds. Again I cant do that through the HP store not using credit cards.
If worse came to worse i cold have someone put it on for me but i dont want to have to resort to that any time I want an app

Beyond the rest, browsers email, etc, the above are MUSTS if I want to get any use of of it so I was told that I could load it up with an android os and that i would be able to do the above once rooted, etc?

Can anyone confirm for me at least that the above can be done.
If so, then I will do it and read further and figure out how to do it.

TIA ;-)


Sep 28, 2011
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Team CM is working on an Android port and they have very nearly everything working except video acceleration. Give it a few more weeks and you should have something soon.
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