Can you have LG G3 features with a Stock Android UI?


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Jan 7, 2013
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I was wondering can you have the LG G3 features, specifically the knock code, with a stock Lollipop UI on a LG G3?
I like the look of the the Stock Lollipop on the Nexus phones and I was wondering if I could change the Optimus UI with the Stock Lollipop but still keep the knock code feature?

I had a Galaxy S4 before but when I rooted my phone and got Cyanogenmod to make it look like the stock android I lost all the Samsung Galaxy s4 features and I was worried it would do the same with the LG G3.


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Feb 8, 2013
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Well if it's just a launcher/UI from the play store then I'm sure the features should still work, dunno much about the rooting option.


Sep 4, 2009
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How do you plan to get the stock Android UI? If you just mean using a 3rd party launcher and applying a material design theme, the answer is mostly yes:

Knock on is part of the kernel, so will work with any launcher. Knock off works with alternate launchers if you double tap on the status bar, but not anywhere else. If you use a launcher that supports gestures (like Nova Prime) you can install a screen off app from the play store, and assign a double tap gesture to run that app and shut off the screen. If you're rooted, you can install Xposed and G3 Tweaksbox, which you can set to allow a double-tap screen off from the nav bar in any app. The only real limitation in using a 3rd party launcher is that some of the LG widgets won't work.

If you're talking about rooting and installing an AOSP based ROM, then the answer is more complicated. Knock on should still work if the ROM uses a kernel based on the stock LG kernel. If it uses a kernel that's not based on LG's code, then probably not. Knock off, again, depends on the launcher, so it will depend on whether the ROM developer has incorporated that feature. If the ROM uses Google's launcher or the AOSP launcher, then no, it won't. Neither will most LG widgets. And you'll lose all of the LG add-ons, like smart screen, the camera app and laser auto-focus, the health app, etc.


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Dec 18, 2013
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In regards, specifically, to knock code... to my knowledge, there are no ROMS outside of stock based ROMS that allow for the use of knock code. There is a workaround that utilizes an Xposed module to simulate knock code, but essentially it is, just a workaround. It still will not allow you to use knock code without first turning the screen on and is advertised as being unsecure.

If anyone knows for a fact that this information is inaccurate, please correct me. The one thing stopping me from trying some of the new ROMs (ie - SlimKat/CM) is that I really do like being able to unlock my phone without having to turn the screen on first.

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