Mar 23, 2014
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About a month ago my s3 died, so i switched my sim to my old blackberry 9700. I finally got in to take it to a repair shop the other day and they said it would cost around 200 to fix it (mobo issue) so i decided to but a new phone, which im looking around for now. Anyway upon getting the news I went into my gmail to make sure all my contacts were there and apparently my gmail has switched so not it no longer carries my s3 contacts, but now has my berry contacts. the s3 isn't going to turn on so does anyone here know a way I can recover the contacts on my s3?

sorry for how long winded that was. but i guess i shouldnt have set up email on the berry.


Mar 10, 2014
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im sorry, i don't know what you mean

i do appreciate you trying to help though

When you get a new Android phone and set it up with your 'old' Gmail-account (and associated password) then all the contacts are automagically transferred from the 'old' phone to that new phone. Because they reside in the Gmail cloud. What you're seeing on your phone is a reference to your contacts in the Gmail cloud. Updated/synced every time you look at it.

I understand the brandnew Galaxy S5 is about to be shipped. A worthy successor to your sadly deceased S3. They are taking pre-orders. If you get one – or any other Android phone – and log in to your 'old' Gmail-account chances are you'll see all your 'old' contacts again.

And then you have the reverse problem...: how to get the contacts from your 'Berry' exported to, and integrated with the contacts on your new Android phone... :cool:
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