corrupted contacts file


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Nov 8, 2010
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I promise I tried to do a search for this before posting, but I couldn't find anything...

I recently went to move some things around on my home screen and deleted the contact shortcut for my husband to make space for another widget. When I went to add the shortcut back, I couldn't find it...come to find that he is no longer listed in my contacts.

Here's the weird part though - his contact icon, complete with the slide out menu for call, text, email or gtalk, appears in gtalk and my SMS apps, but if I try to go to his contact by pressing the orange contact link it says there is no data for that entry and force closes the entire contacts app.

Now I'm trying to figure out the best way to fix this: should i just create a new contact for him (although it seems that may confuse matters more since his data is usable in several other apps) or dig around and try to find the corrupted file? How do I find the corrupted file?

I am running EB13 Froyo (from the samsung uploader) with oneclickroot & LauncherPro Plus.

thanks for any suggestions!