Crazybaby Air 1S True Wireless In-Ear Headphones


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Nov 16, 2010
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About This Review

I tested the Crazybaby Air 1S paired with a Motorola Moto Z2 Play on Verizon Wireless. These truly wireless earbuds were provided to me by Crazybaby via the Mobile Nations Community Review program at no cost to me.


Pairing the Air 1S was not smooth. I was unable to pair successfully initially but on a second attempt, I was connected. While using the Air 1S, I never experience a loss of connection. However, half of the time, they wouldn’t re-connect to my phone automatically after turning them back on -I’d have to go into the settings on my device to connect.


Tons of options included in the box for getting the fit just right. These earbuds fit very well and at no point did I fear them falling out. On a run, they stayed in place nicely. The shape of everyone’s ears are different though so your mileage may vary. Overall, the Air 1S earbuds are very comfortable and I was able to wear them for hours at a time with no fatigue after taking them out.


Getting this one out of the way quickly - I did a few voice calls over the Verizon network and even in a quiet room, there were a few instances where the caller mentioned I sounded soft. Call quality is serviceable, if not below-average.

Music/Media Streaming

For audio streaming, I used Google Play Music and Pocket Casts. When it came to music, various genres were tested from rap, rock, to EDM. Lows and bass stood out with vocals a bit too hollow. The bass could at times be overwhelming, making vocals sound lower than they should.

Podcasts sounded fine. Without a music track, the spoken words from the podcasts were average.

I used Netflix and YouTube to check out the audio from a video stream and in my experience - this is a no-go. The audio for the video was just not in sync at all. This was very distracting and made for an unpleasant viewing experience. Reconnecting and re-pairing did nothing to resolve this issue. For comparison, my previous Spigen R12E tethered earbuds did not display this noticeable behavior with videos.

Battery Life and Charging

I was able to get about two hours of use in-between charges and got about six charges in before needed to charge the charging case. There is no satisfying click or snap when putting the earbuds into the charging case so take an extra step to make sure they’re seating on the charger properly.

The charging case itself is the standout mention: to be honest, it’s a little too phallic (*wink* *wink*). The case is rather large and while it slides nicely into a pocket, it might not look right. Leave this in a purse or handbag and folks might get the wrong idea about you (or right idea- you pick).

Charging the case over USB Type-C is nice and is one less legacy cable to manage.

Other notes

There is no active noise cancellation but as with any other good, in-ear headphones, ambient noise was next to none.

In closing -

As long as you’re not wanting to watch video, these are solid for audio-only media. Battery life could be better - if you’re workout is over two and half hours, you’ll probably need to recharge. They fit me really well and look well-made. But at $169.00, there are likely other better options. For example, AirPods will be cheaper, have a more discrete case, and will pair better (with Apple devices).

The Quick Hits


Many options in the box for fit, and it fit well!
Charger is USB-C.


Audio from Video isn’t in sync.
Call quality seems below average
Charging case isn’t “discrete”

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