Custom SMS sound


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Mar 29, 2014
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Does anyone know how to add a custom SMS sound on the M8?

I've changed the notification sound which works when I receive a Twitter update or other notification but not an SMS.

I have also tried copying the sound file into the notification folder but have been unable to do this as it says the folder is read only. Tried with ES file explorer and Astro but no luck.

Any ideas would be appreciated, really hate the standard tones and so far this is my only fault with the phone.


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Feb 25, 2015
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Re: Custom SMS sound HTC M8

hello All,
I recently got an HTC M8 and likewise hated that I couldn't personalise the text (Notification SMS) tone.
Here is what I did
1.took Micro SD card out and put into computer
2.opened up the mobile file and found the tones file
3 I created new folder below it called 'Notifications'
4 I added the music I wanted to the notifications folder
5 Put SD card back in phone

then jut go to text message screen as if youre going to send a message, top right click on the 3 dots click Settings=Notification=Notification sound and then you should see your music of choice.

hope this helps