Cyanogenmod on sm-p600 (WiFi only)

Nov 27, 2014
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This CM11 port to P600 is the first rom I tried on my Samsung note 10.1 2014 WiFi.
Works exceptionally well.

In regards To SPen "Define properly"?!
S Note, Action Memo, Screen write(Air command) etc do not work(read about touchwiz if you want to know more on this).
Replacement Apps exist in the Google play store that use some of SPen's functionality -
"CM S Pen Add-on (Root)" with "Note Buddy(Spent helper)" give you a functuonality similar to the stock Samsung's "air command"(that popup that show when you detach your pen).
Papyrus and other apps exist that can use SPen but are mostly iffy...

I am ultra happy with this port(fixed camera issue - check "cm camera fix" from app store, googleapps need to be separately flashed just like the original instructions have noted..)

Haven't tried xposed's multi window yet but I assume it is on par with Samsung's original stock software double window...

Could never really feel comfortable with Touchwiz...SNote looked promising but did not feel natural..
Copy paste draw note research notes from internet felt very overbearing on many other disappointing things about touchwiz ( keyboard madness to name one). Typing this reply away on a large, responsive keyboard with predictive text that does not get in the way!!

Its a shame that I can't just hack a quick document as I surf using the SPen to select about and annotate stuff as I go... Functionality of the device is there...but SPen will likely remain a dormant gimmick :(
Nov 27, 2014
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Its a custom recovery based on Ckockworkmod and is provided on the xdevelopers thread.

In the guide I used to install CM 11 it said that other recoveries such as Teamwin might not work with it yet.

Frustrating as it is I wasn't allowed to use links in this reply ...
Its all on xda developers forum.
Type note 2014 in the device field once there and tap the device...

From the general forum tap the sticky thread that has all known ROMs for the device
I used the [SM-P600][4.4.4]CyanogenMod 11 - Note 10.1 (2014) WiFi (Added on 12/11/2014)

Open that and the first post has the link - "ODIN flashable recovery"

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