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Sep 5, 2018
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Hi :) I'm a Note 9 owner in NZ. I've been following this subforum for a few weeks and figured you guys might be good people to ask about this.

Are any of you using Disconnect Pro Privacy & Performance App on the Note 9? How are you finding it? Does it cause any issues? Do you reckon it's worth it?

It's on the Galaxy App Store, but there are no user reviews or stars, only an article dated 2016 from the Huffington Post. It's an app that someone on a NZ forum I belong to mentioned. They said it blocks ads on a system level, which I like the sound of, but I'd like to hear more from anyone who uses it before paying NZ$35. I tried searching for reviews on google, but most stuff I found refers to other products by Disconnect.me (like free browser apps). I saw a comment on an old thread on reddit from someone who said they found it was blocking a lot of legitimate traffic and causing system reboots on their Note 8. :/

Side note - coming from a Note 4 and Marshmallow this phone is rather different lol. Got it pretty much set up now. Loving the display, speed, stereo speakers & S Pen. Haven't had much of a chance to play with the camera yet, but I've been enjoying the pictures thread here - some nice shots!
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