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Dec 19, 2017
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Being a billionaire is fun, but its still hard work to build your own space company.

You’ve created a space program to see if it's possible to bring people to space. It’s called Space-Y. A billion dollar project that needs the experts, human effort to succeed.

Your job is to get the people to build the components and then assemble them, and launching can only happen when everything is just perfect.

Your team of experts have been called in to start building the spaceship. Engineers and scientists are tapped to work side by side.

First stop is to make sure you have the different parts to get a successful landing on the Moon or Mars

Aluminum makes the different parts of the ship.
Lithium is needed for the batteries

You also need to build the following:
Methane Tank
Liquid Oxygen Tank
Control Room this is where everything will happen from taking off to landing.
Crew Cabin is where most sleeping will happen
Cargo Cabin

You are in-charge of overseeing if it's ready to launch or not and the pressure is on.

Can you build the team that can get the fastest launch?

Automate your workflow by space engineers and scientists so every making money will continue automatically.

Your space engineers and scientists will continue to run the rooms, even when you are offline from the game! How cool is that? Improve and upgrade and your idle cash income increases!

Manage your own room and automate the workflow in your lab and get more idle cash
Your rooms will continue run, even when you're offline from the game
Invest your idle cash and boost your income
Hire engineers and scientists to man the operation
Use your rocket fuel to improve and sell them at a higher price! More Idle profit, yay!
Open the game frequently and get free rocket fuel so you don't have to mine
Manage up to 10 rooms and work that idle brain of yours
This idle game is free to play but offers some game items for purchase with real money.
You only need internet connection when you want to watch ads to double your income.

Got any suggestions or experiencing glitches? Feel free to send a message to support@kuronekogames.com - We are always happy about our players' feedback! Let us know your genius strategy game only if you want to share it with us

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