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Frontier with LTE and non-Samsung phone


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Nov 13, 2012
So I have used multiple smartwatches, Samsung has always been my favorite. Currently have the S2 and I am soon going to get the S3 from T-Mobile with LTE

If i have a non-Samsung phone connected to the S3, like a LG V20.

Does the watch contacts and messenger still work?

Meaning could I initiate a call or text from the watch itself.

Based on my S2, i would assume I could still initiate a call. However does the S3 have its own independent messaging app?

I assume it does, but I figured I should confirm this prior to buying a watch and plan


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Aug 14, 2013
A phone, contacts, and messaging app are built into the Tizen OS. The Frontier LTE is capable of handling calls and messages straight out the box without ever being connected to a smartphone. Of course, this would use the watch’s eSIM phone number. I used my S3 this way for a week after I bought it because my phone was broken.

Once setup and initially paired with a smartphone running Gear Manager, there are 3 connectivity modes: bluetooth, remotely connected and standalone. Calls and texts can be initiated in any of these modes, what varies is caller ID and syncing. This can be addressed by using Digits on T-Mobile. I can’t comment on the specifics because I use Google Voice on AT&T.

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