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Galaxy K Zoom - A new king in smartphone camera market!


New member
Jul 29, 2014
I have been using Galaxy K Zoom from past one week and below is my experience in regards to same:

1) Camera

This is the main feature of Galaxy K Zoom. Being using it for past 1 week and I can confirm that it is currently the best smartphone camera with great picture and video quality. It leaves Lumia 1020 far behind with its optical zoom capabilities. Another grudge that I had with Lumia 1020 was regarding Windows Phone OS, which was a compromise. But with Galaxy K Zoom we get Android OS and there is no reason to do this compromise. The snapped output looks very detailed and has realistic colors unlike Galaxy S5 and Lumia 1020 which has a tendency to over saturate the images. In fact Lumia 1020 has a tendency to add yellow tints to the images which make the image look pleasing but very unrealistic.

The best part is "ProSuggest" mode. It gives advice on the mode in with to snap the scene after analyzing the scene. This feature is really fun to use and makes even a newbie shoot like a pro.

With 10X optical zoom, we never need to lose out on snapping a scene due to the distance and the end result of the snapped pic is very sharp and detailed. The xenon flash further helps in low light situations and gives very sharp pics.

2) Smartphone

As a smartphone, the K Zoom offers all the android smartphone functionality. It is very snappy and lag free during UI operations as well as gaming. The built in Hexa core processor coupled with 2 GB RAM and Mali GPU makes this phone a very good performer unless you are really after the highest specs in the industry. The Antutu benchmark returns 32k scores which is excellent for a non flagship device and put several flagships to shame. The in call audio is very good in additon to excellent speakerphone sound quality. The best part i like about this phone is the contact manager which automatically syncs the contact information from various social networks like facebook, twitter, linkedin etc. and merge them with phone contacts kept either in phone itself or in google servers.

To conclude, as a smartphone there is nothing which you are going to miss from a flagship device.

3) Battery

Well, the biggest question that comes to mind is battery. Samsung did very well in deploying a hexa core processor into this phone which keeps the battery usage of this phone to check. The phone with its 2430 mah battery gives backup of around 13-15 hours at moderate usage which in my opinion is good enough for most of the people. Using 720p AMOLED screen further ensures low battery usage as compared to 1080p IPS LCD panel. If that is not enough, Samsung additionally provides you with Power Saving and Ultra Power Saving modes for times when you need each and every percentage of battery to give you maximum juice.

The phone weighs around 200 grams and has a rounded back as compared to flat backs of most of the smartphones today. Additionally it has dotted platic back just like S5 which makes it very good to hold. In fact better than S5.


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Dec 4, 2012
I agree it is a pretty good idea to try to combine a full camera with a phone. I am just not convinced it is a good enough idea to take off.


New member
Jul 2, 2012
Where did you get it? I haven't seen a carrier with it in the United States.