Galaxy note 20 Ultra fingerprint not recognizing


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Aug 16, 2017
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This is getting so frustrating. I have the note 20 Ultra and while I love the device, the fingerprint sensor on it is complete crap. It was bad with a screen protector on it so I took it off and it has barely gotten any better. I made 2 entries for each of my thumbs and it still misses 80 percent of the time. I feel bad enough that I have to use a premium device with no screen protection but the fingerprint sensor is beyond frustrating. Cleaning the screen doesn't do anything either.

I've watched videos that say that despite the speed, it is still accurate. Not so much with me. What can I do?

My OP7T that I use as a back up device unlocks with literally less than a tap 0f my finger! Why can't a device that costs 3 times as much not do the same when I am literally mashing on the sensor?!

And I already tried reregistering. It worked for a little, then right back to square 1 of an 80 percent fail rate.


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Aug 21, 2014
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Do you have dry skin including your fingers? I find mine is less accurate when my fingers get dry from the temp change. Not so much of an issue once I’m in my phone and using FPS for verifying in apps even when the same prints fingers being dry didn’t work to unlock the phone. Always believed they have different acceptance threshold for fingerprint matching unlocking vs checking in app and with my dry skin more difficult.

With my Note 8 FPS it was so bad I was better off just using pin to unlock the phone. But again once in apps using FPS wasnt that bad.
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