Gingerbread Update: SMS No Longer Send/Receive HELP :(


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Sep 8, 2011
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So I am so out of the phone loop and had no clue Gingerbread was even out until last night around 10pm I got an update alert on my phone. I clicked okay and went to bed. Around lunch time today I noticed no one was replying to my texts. I asked my husband and he said he never received them, and he and other people have verified they have tried to send me messages as well. When I click send, it goes through like normal, but apparently never actually sends.

I have tried soft restart, taking out the battery, taking out the sim, deleting all my old messages, downloading handcent, etc. I tried calling customer service but of course they want me to do that from a different phone (which I dont have), so I twittered them and emailed them. Still waiting. Does anyone have a similar situation or know of a solution?