Giving to my sister in law. Activation?


Sep 18, 2010
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Hey all. I just upgraded to Bionic. I want to give my OG Droid to my sister in law. Its rooted, and rommed. Is there a way to activate it manually without going to verizon? I've never self-activated before, but I've heard it was possible.

If it is's the hard part. She currently does NOT have a data plan and doesn't really want one. is it possible to activate the Droid using her existing plan for phone calls and texting only and not use any data unless she's using the wifi connector? Thanks!


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Jan 15, 2011
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No she won't be able to activate it without getting the data plan, its mandatory on all smartphones.

The manual way to activate a phone is dial *228 option 1. But she don't be able to do it because she doesnt have a unlimited data plan and will have to call in and change her plan before they will activate it.