gmail will send or receive ONLY on wifi, not on mobile data

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I hope someone has patience to read though this since I'm making an effort to state my issue in much detail.
I had a Galaxy S20+ phone until my very recent S22+ upgrade. A couple of months ago I noticed that I could receive/send gmail on my S20+ ONLY when I was connected to wifi. If not connected to wifi, sent items would stay in "outbox" until a wifi connection was established and the sync triggered.
I researched and found a variety of troubleshooting tips, none of which worked. I planned on a phone upgrade so didn't put much effort into it because I'd be getting a new phone very soon.
This week I received my brand new S22+ and used Samsung's smartswitch to move everything from my old S20+ to my new S22+; however, the issue of gmail working only on wifi still exists!
Here are some troubleshooting details.
* I have followed various troubleshooting tips such as removing/re-adding my google account, removing/re-adding the (new) SIM card I received with the phone. no effect
* I have tried a manual sync from the google accounts screen and everything syncs properly except Gmail (which states at the bottom of the screen "Sync is currently experiencing problems. It will be back shortly". Again, on wifi, all services including gmail syncs fine.
* Turned on Gmail notifications as per one tip; no effect.
* Gmail was updated during initial phone setup; no effect.
* One tip suggested uninstalling gmail updates; no effect.
* I have verified that my data saver stuff is not on, unrestricted data for Gmail is on, cleared gmail app storage/data, rebooted phone during those steps.
* I have added an additional Gmail account I have to the phone and that account exhibits the exact same issues as the main Gmail account I use on the phone.
* Here is a biggie that will cause some of you discomfort :) Both of our phones use a common gmail address as our 'primary' account' It's never been a problem in the 10+ years we've used phones (Galaxy S3 up to S20+), but I thought I'd mention it anyway.

Here are some facts about the issue:
This issue was first noticed about 2-3 months ago and after some time we made the discovery that the wifi vs mobile data was the source of the issue.
We verified the phone SIM settings as per Tmobile specs, all is good there.
Mobile data signal is always solid when this issue occurs.
My husbands S21+ works well, as expected on mobile data with Gmail (sending/receiving).
Both phones are stock builds, nothing altered on either.
The S22+ is literally brand new out of the box and set up from scratch.
The only common denominator is the S22+ had everything restored via SmartSwitch.
The new phone is using the new Tmobile SIM card we ordered with it.
Both phones have always had Bitdefender mobile actively running on them.

I realize one thing I could do is factory reset the phone and just set up the gmail part to see if it works to determine if the issue "came over" with smartswitch but I *really* want to do that as a last resort since setting up the phone again would take many hours. I'm hoping there is someone much smarter than my 30 year IT background to give me some ideas.


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Feb 6, 2017
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You can try 2 things
Reset apps preference/ go to settings>apps>3 dots upper right corner tap>reset apps preference

Next is go to settings>general management>reset>Reset settings

Maybe this will undo any settings from previous phone to new one