Google+ for HTC sense not working?


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Jun 27, 2014
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For some reason, the Google+ BlinkFeed tab won't update. No matter what I try I can't get it to update it just says "no content".

Further more when I try to go digging for the app that I think controls it "Google+ for HTC Sense", under the app settings I can't find it. I know the system app exists, but even when I set app manager to show system apps it is still not showing!

However, when I go to android app permissions section and go to contacts I can see, the "Google+ for HTC sense" is there and has a toggle switch for contacts permission. It's just not showing in the regular app manager section...

I wonder if this had anything to do with me recently updating sense home?

Have HTC disabled support for Google+ in BlinkFeed?

Can anyone confirm this or am i the only one?