Google Hangouts cross platform integration - show phone SMS on chrome app?


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Aug 22, 2014
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I was really hoping the most recent release of Google hangouts would give me what Apple users have on their devices - cross platform visibility into all messaging. Two days ago, I thought I had it, but I have been changing settings and I think I was probably deluded. I want all my messages and calls to show as being made/sent from my mobile (so friends don't have to learn another number). Currently my SMS/MMS messages are sent via my mobile carrier (can't see on the Hangouts app on my pc), but those people on Hangouts go through Hangouts (and I can see them on my tablet/pc). When I send an SMS/MMS from my pc/tablet, it is sent with a caller ID of my Google Voice number (very confusing to people).

1. Is there a way to have all messages sent from all devices show as being sent from my mobile number?
2. Can all messages be displayed and responded to on both my PC and my phone? If so, what steps have to be taken to achieve that result?
3. What drawbacks does that configuration have compared to the half mobile half Google Voice setup I have now?

Thanks for any help you can provide - I have searched high and low for a full description of Hangouts integration options...


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Feb 4, 2011
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Darn good questions... I have avoided Hangouts like the plague, so I can't help you.

But, I do want to know how it works.

Kip L

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Dec 16, 2014
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1) Yes, at least in the Android app, but I would recommend choosing a third setting, "reply from last number used with contact", which is not currently under the settings for the Google account that your SMS or Google Voice is associated with (as I presume the reason being that they could be on different Google accounts), but rather under the SMS options (also in Hangouts settings).

Additionally, a somewhat recent update allowed to change the number to SMS/MMS 'from', in the same way that you were able to toggle SMS vs. Hangouts: by clicking the icon to the left of the in-edit (draft) message. This is very helpful for new messages, but you may want to ensue that the Google Voice number is associated with another Google account, which may require using a SIP number (YouTube 'Google Voice without an existing phone number' or similar). If Google removed the requirement that Google Voice have a phone number to link to. This method may also require that you be aware of the multiple Google accounts toggle, hopefully made easier by notifications and unread messages counts/indicator).

Note: I had messages hang when sent from other Android devices and when I chose SMS . I am not sure if it was Google Voice and/or my carrier number that hung. This defect, likely tied to the lack of the feature above, if missing for PC/Chrome OS, would need to be fixed.

2) I believe this is really one of the highest priority features for Google to undertake for Hangouts. Verizon can sync text across devices, and this was the only reason one of my roommates used their messaging app.

3) I think you are discovering the pros and cons now. I would that Hangouts has developed pretty rapidly compared to other apps that I have had that defined to be missing critical features, so you may to stick with it.

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