[Google Maps] 'Navigation' and 'Local' system apps are back?


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Sep 20, 2012
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I have just received a replacement N9. I chose to set it up as a new device and have found that Google Maps has two system apps (Navigation and Local) appearing in my app drawer alongside the standard GM app.

I haven't seen these apps for some time (older devices, older Android) and just assumed that they had been merged into a single app.

They don't bother me massively, but I do wonder why they are there. They certainly aren't there on my N5.

So I was just interested to hear if there is anybody else who is also seeing these apps or who might have any info as to why I'm seeing them?

For info, the tablet is running 5.0.1, but they were there on 5.0.0 too.

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Oct 7, 2014
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I have galaxy note 10.1 2014, running kitkat.
Yes, I also see these 2 "new" sub app. only on tablet, I don't see it on my phone.
For me it is quite annoying, because all 3 are basically the same app, then why should be 3 separated app.

edit: it is already disappear again with last update, Maps 9.1.2
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