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Mar 4, 2011
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When I purchased the Xoom I assumed I would have the ability to send and receive txt messages through Google Voice. I was shocked to find that there is not a compatible Google Voice app for the xoom, however you can send messages through the Google Voice website and, if set up correctly in Google voice, receive txt messages via e-mail.

Google has indicated they are working on a Google Voice App that is compatible with the Xoom.

Gogle voice for Motorola Xoom - Google Voice Help

I really hope when Google updates this app they will add the ability to make calls from the Xoom with your Google Voice account (like you can from a PC when you are logged into Gmail).

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Mar 3, 2011
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I'm getting by OK with the browser and email functionality but I agree that gv, along with flash, a netflix app and a few others are dealbreakers for me that need to get released asap


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Jun 2, 2010
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I knew when I was buying a Xoom that I was buying bleeding edge tech. I mean, for gods sake - the SDK came out 8 days before it was released. How could there REALLY be any apps ready?

If you want to wait until it's all nice and safe and play in the walled garden then go get an iPad.

I personally love that it was released right along with the SDK. Yeah, I have to wait for some things but I love being on the bleeding edge of tech. And I like being part of the community that helps shape the device. Not just handed to me.
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Nov 16, 2009
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I agree I can wait for the apps to come out. I knew going into this some things would not work and some programs would not be there. But spending as much as I did for my Xoom I expect to have it for a while. Just like my X even the newer phones coming out are maybe marginally better than it. And considering how fast this market is growing the fact that almost a year later and I still have a phone that can hold its own against most phone out there I would expect no less from my tablet. I remember everyone saying the same thing about the X when it came out how it was released to early it was still in beta and all the same things I am hearing here. We'll guess what I still have a phone that out performs everything else. So I guess just sit back and enjoy you Xoom you will have it a while if you can be patiant with the apps. They will come just like they did for the X and other phones before.

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