Google voice on limited data?


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Dec 13, 2014
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Hello, I recently had a Tracphone with a number--- the thing is I didn't use that number because I had a Google Voice number I could use to check texts also on my computer. It was nice because it would forward the calls and receive texts with pictures and everything.

but recently I switched to a samsung s5 on verizon, and I was wondering if I could keep using my google voice?

I am on a shared family plan of 4 gb of data with three people so I really don't want to use data... however I do have unlimited talk/text

When I try to recieve texts with pictures, it doesn't work for some reason.. my tracphone didn't have a native app, so why should my smartphone?

So the big question is can I keep my google voice number without taking up my 4g data
thanks for helping out a noob


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May 23, 2010
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You can keep your Google voice number, but there will be data usage from your Verizon account when using it. I don't use Google voice, but don't think of it to be a data intensive app.


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Jul 7, 2013
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Google Voice calls are routed via regular phone service, they won't use your data allocation. SMS and MMS will use data.

Provided the GV call is made from the standard dialer with options enabled to call using your GV number. If the Hangouts dialer is used to make a GV call, it goes through data I believe.


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Feb 12, 2012
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I believe an outgoing GV call uses just a bit of data to contact Google, then the call goes as a voice call. (Of course since they introduced Hangouts and Hangouts dialer, and totally messed GV up, who knows?)

As far as viewing pictures and other files sent via text (which is actually just a link to a server holding the file), the phone has to have an app that can display that format picture file. If the Tracphone was a smartphone, it did. Most Android phones do. But not for all picture formats. If someone sends you a picture in a format you don't have an app to read, you can't see the picture.