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Jun 2, 2011
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It's funny. If you look at post two. I answered the persons question. I didn't say they couldn't get a go phone to do what they wanted. Now look. I've been called a troll by those who are doing the same thing to me. I was more than willing to let this go. I am putting and end to this. I think that since there question has been answered I am done here. Think what you want about me. I shall not indulge the trolls anymore. Good day.


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Sep 5, 2010
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What reason would I have for lying to a customer? That would only ruin my business and put me in the poor house for sure. Hell I don't even want to be in retail. However I do my job to the best of ny ability to make sure my family is taken care of.

Same reason other salesmen lie: commission. It happens all the time. The problem is the people who look to them for answers don't know any better.

You really are being quite melodramatic.
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