Have 400+ MB of available space. Samsung Galaxy Victory STILL says "Insufficient Storage Available."

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Mar 1, 2014
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Have 400+ MB of available space. Samsung Galaxy Victory STILL says "Insufficient Storage Available."

FULL TITLE: "I removed enough apps to have over 400 MB of available internal space. Why does my Samsung Galaxy Victory STILL tell me "INSUFFICIENT STORAGE AVAILABLE?""

I'm trying to clear out the memory to make sure my "FolderMount [ROOT]" app will install so I can finally move so many apps to my SD card and reinstall a LOT of deleted apps.

I feel my system is glitching, big-time. It's pretending that 400+ MB free space of ~1.73 GB available is STILL not enough space to install a 1.28 MB app.

Is there a System setting to enable me to change the "insufficient space threshold?" I hope I can change it to something like 2.5% instead of whatever high percentage it's set to now.

**UPDATE**: I cut-and-pasted ALL folders from SPH-L300/Phone to SPH-L300/Card. The "Android" file folder restored itself and I now see 404 MB free space of 1.83 GB on "Phone" in Windows, and 607.59MB (32.5%) available through AppMgr Pro III.

Strangely enough, I see "Total: 1.73GB and Avail: 507.25MB (28.7%) (emulated)" under where it says "SD Card" on AppMgr Pro III. (Note that in case you don't know already, AppMgr Pro III doesn't support moving apps to SD on my Samsung Galaxy Victory.)

Despite doing all this tonight, I STILL can't install new apps. *What else do I need to do to make it install new apps again?* And is there a space threshold editor that I can lower the settings on?


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Feb 12, 2012
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Re: Have 400+ MB of available space. Samsung Galaxy Victory STILL says "Insufficient Storage Availab

1) Try Link2SD. It's a small app.

2) Most apps can't be moved to the SD card. An app has to be written specifically to run from the card and, since most apps aren't written, they're drag&drop on some app-maker, or "createed some other non-programming way, they can't run on the SD card.

3) Those apps that can be run on the SD card have to leave a symlink (like a pointer) to where they are - in main memory. So the smaller the app, the less relative space you save.

The SD card access in Android was never designed to run apps from, it was designed to hold data, like music, pictures and video. As Android and Android apps get larger, the only sure way to keep up is to buy a phone with more storage.

You wouldn't be trying to run Windows 8.1 on a computer with a 1MHz CPU and 64kb of RAM, would you? But back in the early 70s, most of us couldn't afford a whole 64k (CP/M could actually run in 16k, and pretty well, and the majority of systems were 32k). That's what some people are trying to do with phones - run current generation apps on 6 generation old phones. (Moore's law is a lot shorter when applied to phones and capability than when applied to CPUs and number of transistors. A 2 year old phone is almost useless unless all you want is something to talk and text.) As soon as you get the first "insufficient storage" message, you know it's time to start saving (and fast) for the next phone.

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