Help! Phone having a crisis. SD card related?


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Apr 5, 2010
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Update 2: Fixed. At least for the most part. Sorry for wasting anyone's time reading this. This thread can be deleted or whatever now.

Update 3: I've been reverted to the older version of the Market....would be nice to get back to the new one. Annnd a few of my apps are missing

Today I was sitting outside studying and my phone fell off the bench, about 2 feet and hit the ground. It wasn't a big impact, nor is it the first time it's ever fallen. This seemed like the tiniest of missteps. The batter cover popped off, I put it back on, turned the phone back on, and I assumed i was back in business.


Upon booting up I see the wallpaper I had up maybe a month ago, if not more, and then an "error- force close" message for practically every single app installed on my device. The most concerning of which was "Processing system failure: force close"

If I unlock my lockscreen I'm left looking at a black screen. My notification bar is there telling me that I've been signed out of FB and twitter. The task manager will launch by holding down home, but other than that, nothing. No home screen, no app drawer, nothing works. It also says "Prepping external SD card" forever.

I tried to reboot a few more times for good measure, and nothing changed.

I'm running Syndicate frozen ROM, and have been without problem for at least 5 months or so. I boot up clockwork mod to restore a backup (even though my last one was a long time ago so it would be really inconvenient), and any option in CWM that requires access of my SD card doesn't work.
UPDATE: Ok so I can now access my sd card (or at least the directory) through CWM. I haven't wiped or restored anything yet. I'm going to try fixing permissions and see if that helps anything.
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