Help with a high capacity microSD card? Formatting issue, or counterfeit?


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Dec 18, 2016
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So, I recently came across a ridiculously good deal on a high capacity microSD card, and I intended to use it for an android device. 512 GB SDXC, $59.99. It sounded too good to be true, and so far, that's exactly what it has been. Certain file types cannot be written to or read from this card without corruption, including relatively high-res images and .sfc SNES ROMs. PSP or PSX ISOs can't even be written to the card without reporting a corruption half way through the process.

I have been advised that the card may be counterfeit, and it's looking like that might be the case. The SD Insight app reads the card as "Invalid," which isn't a good sign. However, I'm also thinking it might have to do with the format. Apparently this Android device is going to have problems with any storage medium that isn't in the Fat32 format, and from what I've read, anything over 32 GB is going to default to ExFAT.

So, I have a few questions. Is there any way to tell for sure if these complications are due to a counterfeit card, or a formatting issue? Would it be worth attempting to reformat this card, or should I get my money back? And if I should attempt to reformat it, what would be the best way to go about doing so? I will provide any additional information needed. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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