How do I disable the notification panel completely?


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Disable Notification Panel Completely


I was hoping someone can help me out with this issue.

What: I need to disable the notification panel/quick settings pull down from my Android devices. I need to block all access entries to Airplane Mode, WIFI, and GPS.

Why: I manage all of my company's mobile devices and each Android device is enrolled in our MDM solution. I have successfully locked users out of everything else: settings, games, etc. They should only have access to a few apps which allow them to document their arrival at a customer's location, mileage, and photograph forms completed on-site.

Dilemma: While I have restricted access to these features through Settings - they can simply use the notification panel to turn off Location or turn on Airplane mode. Which allows to arrive to customers late and doesn't allow us to track their mileage accurately. We can't verify their whereabouts or even give customers an idea when their tech will be there.

Can someone tell me how to disable it completely? Other than editing it and hiding all of the buttons - because there's still a glaring 'EDIT' button where they can simply re-select everything.

If anyone knows the full package name I can block it that way too. I've tried third party apps to tell me the package names but I swear it's embedded in the UI and doesn't have its own package name.

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