How do I get my Nexus 7 to sleep while playing Candy Crush or other games?


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How to get nexus 7 to sleep while playing Candy Crush or other games.

I just got my mom a nexus 7 (2013) and she likes to play games on it like Candy Crush and Farm Hero's, but sometimes while she is playing those games she will fall asleep, but the tablet does not. If she is playing any of those games the tablet and screen will just stay on until the battery dies. She says it gets pretty hot just sitting there with the screen on like that. She used to have a Samsung Galaxy tab 2 and that tablet would eventually go to sleep after 10 mins if not in use even while playing those same games. I have done some research online but the only thing i can find is to have to root the tablet and install an app that lets you alter the permissions of the app to disable the "stay awake" mode. Just wondering if anybody has any suggestions for me that would prevent me from having to root it to get her tablet to go to sleep! Thanks!

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