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How do I get my Note 8 volume buttons to control incoming call volume?


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Jan 22, 2018
I'd like to use the Up or Down Volume buttons on my Note 8 to raise or lower ringtone volume during an incoming call, but every time I try to do that the volume is muted. The call doesn't get answered, the volume just gets muted. I've looked everywhere for a way to set the buttons to just control phone volume, and made sure the Volume Key Function in Camera Settings is set to System Volume. Powered down and restarted several times but that had no effect.

Could someone please tell me what am I missing?
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Jul 14, 2011
Unfortunately you can't. The ringtone volume can be controlled by the volume buttons EXCEPT when you have an actual call. When you do, the volume buttons are automatically used to 'ignore' the call (but not reject it, unless you keep it pressed).