How do I setup MXq PRO 4k AV output ?


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Feb 5, 2019
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I just bought an Android TV box MXq PRO 4K and all is fine if I connect it to a new TV via HDMI. But I specifically bought it to connect to an old analog TV via the AV output port. I've powered on the device with only the AV port connected but still there is no image (no scrolling, nothing). I know my AV cable is good since I use it on a game console. I've seen some posts instructing to blind navigate the menu to change the default from PAL to NTSC, like right, right, ok, right, ok, etc... but that doesn't do much.

Anybody can help ?


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Feb 12, 2012
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For an analog set you should have 3 outputs, all RCA jacks - red, white and yellow. Red is right, white is left - both audio - and yellow is video.

The only other analog connections system is RGB (red, green and blue) and you'll still need an audio connection.

If the analog output of the box doesn't work, you'll need an HDMI to analog converter, and you can probably buy a cheap TV with an HDMI input for the same price. (Analog is a lot less than even 1080 - 4k is a waste for an old TV.)