Advice: MXQ PRO 4K VS scishion v99 Hero?


Feb 9, 2016
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Android box buying advice needed: MXQ PRO 4K VS scishion v99 Hero?

New to android boxes, I'm from London and it seems like there are some boxes which aren't available on UK sites for some reason, so was hoping this is the right place to get advice on the boxes I am looking at.

I am looking to stream content in 1080p (I'm happy with the resolution so don't plan on buying a new tv just yet) and started off looking at cheap £15 boxes on ebay which have 1GB of RAM thinking it would be good enough to stream 1080p. But since I am looking for the best value per £ I decided to look at boxes around the £45 mark:

- £46 SCISHION V99 - hero 64Bit Octa Core Android 5.1 (BT4.0 Dual WiFi) 4GB RAM+32GB TV Box EU, Octa Core,1.5GHz CPU RK3368, GPU PowerVR G6110, Processor ARM Cortex A53

- £45 H96 MAX - H2 TV Box RK3328 Android 7.1 (2.4G + 5G Wi-Fi BT 4.0 4K) 4G RAM+32GB UK PLUG, Quad Core CPU Cortex A53, GPU Mali-450, Processor RK3328.

- £46 MXR PRO 4K 4GB RAM + 32G 64Bit Android 7.1 Quad-core RK3328 2.0GHz Bluetooth Quad-core RK3328 64-bit Cortex A53 and Mali-450 GPU.

- I was also considering: £23 M8S PRO W Android 7.1 Smart TV Box Amlogic S-905W 2GB+16GB Mali-450 4K WIFI OTA, max up to 2.0Ghz, but the price has been varying a bit. I would still consider it if it is better value though (and if it came back down in price a bit) due to it being up to 2.0Ghz? Is 2GB RAM enough to smoothly play 1080p?

1) Should I go for the SCISHION V99 due to the octa core to futureproof? From what I've read no apps take advantage of octa core. Would it help with streaming 1080p? Or should I go for the MXR pro because the seller seems to be saying it is up to 2.0 GHz (although when I googled the chip it said 1.5 GHz?) Help needed with pros and cons, as well as discussion on the GPU/CPU power comparisons?

2) The V99 only has Android 5.1, does that mean eventually all apps will stop being compatible, making the box obsolete? Is there no way whatsoever to upgrade to latest android?

3) I am looking to use as a back up as a mini PC, would I be able to plug in a normal PC USB keyboard and mouse or am I restricted to wireless?

4) If that is the case, I was looking at this and again need advice if it these type of products work well: Black Wireless Keyboard 2.4G Touchpad Handheld Keyboard for PC Android TV UK | eBay

5) These type of small Chinese manufacturers are said to not release updates to firmware (as opposed to amazon fire, chromecast etc) but what does this mean practically speaking? How is this different to being able to update the android version for example?

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