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Feb 22, 2011
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I had started a thread asking for help on how to do this. So since its pretty much confirmed it works on most phones even when you didnt realize it was installed. I figured it was time to give it a proper [How-To].

Disclaimer:I am not responsible if you break,brick,hump,throw against wall or any other action you do to your phone. By using this script you agree anything that happens is your own noobtastic fault. Any attempts at blaming me for anything other than this being fantastic will result in you being pointed and laughed at.

If you are using BACKSIDE/IHO or have already installed the script dont I REPEAT DONT run the script again. Doing so makes multiple instances of the commands and will stop the bootsound from playing. If you run the script more than once you will have to delete somethings to get it to work. SO be warned DO NOT RUN THE SCRIPT IF YOU HAVE ALREADY OR ARE USING BACKSIDEIHO ROM

The ability to play boot sounds is not activated in CM7 based roms. You have to run a script that will enable this function on CM7 based roms. I remember somebody posting this a short while back but it wouldnt work for me. Apparently the sound file I was using was not named properly.

I found a tutorial on CMforums about how to do this. Tested it and everything works great. Several people have tried this on Froyo roms and not have it work. Also it appears on some phones it just wont work at all.

This is what you do.
1. Download this shell script here bootsnd.sh

2. Place it on the root of your SD card & then open Terminal & type the following
cd /sdcard
sh bootsnd.sh

3. Now by using a file manager program with R/W (Read/Write) go to the /system/bin in your phone & make sure the file has transfered over! It should say BOOTSOUND & have permissions set to rwxrwxrwx! for this I use Root Explorer or you can use File Manager once you have selected R/W

4. Before transferring your sound file over rename it on your pc, android_audio and make sure it is a .mp3 file. Transfer the sound file from your pc to the root of your SDcard. Now move your sound file you want to play when the phone boots to /system/media of your phone & rename it android_audio you will have to be in R/W mode! Typically fifteen seconds is plenty long and just perfect, however anything over 30 seconds will get cut off.

5. Reboot & enjoy your new BOOTSOUND B)

I dont take credit for this and I am just adding the info here, if you wanna give thanks make sure you go here as well & say thanks to Colpophage for his help on this topic - say thanks here

If your having trouble getting sounds to play this should fix the problem.

Here is how to fix it.
Make sure you are mounting in R/W mode on each of these steps.
deaver_92 on XDA said:
To start go to


and open it in the text editor. Delete everything from

###Bootsound - Safe to Delete: Start###


###Bootsound - Safe to Delete: Stop###

Delete any instances of it.
Using a app like root explorer, goto /system/bin and delete the file bootsound.
Back out to /system now open build.prop in text editor mode, look for this text.

Delete it from the build.prop and save and exit.

This is optional but recommened.
Reboot phone.
Verify no sound is playing.

Now run the script again and reboot.
You should have a boot sound again.

Thanks to danieljc1, Jerryscript, deaver_92 on XDA and most importantly colpophage on CMforum.
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May 23, 2012
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"export PATH=/data/local/bin:$PATH"
"$" this is by default it appears every time i open up the terminal emulator, so i havent made any changes at all...
1: "su"
2: "cd /sdcard"
3: "sh bootsnd.sh" ofcourse without the "" and i got this

usage: mount [-r] [-w] [-o options] [-t type] device directory
no such user 'root:shell'
usage: mount [-r] [-w] [-o options] [-t type] device directory

i input:

chown root.shell system/bin/bootsound

nothing happened....

please help if you have any ideas.... thanks

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