HTC One M7 stuck in bootloop, how can I get out of this?


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HTC one M7 stuck in bootloop

One day i was getting an OTA update to kitkat when my phone suddenly turned off. I just thought it was apart of the update and left it for a couple of hours. When i came back to i turned to turn it on but it just started to bootloop(showed the htc one screen for 20 seconds then turned off and then it did the same thing again). So i googled it and there were many suggestions saying just to wipe the cache, i attempted it but when i went into bootloader and pressed recovery the phone would turn off and start to bootloop again, i also cant factory reset it or it begins to bootloop.

So then I tried another very suggested comment saying to install unlock the bootloader and install TWRP recovery. I did that successfully but no luck. The only change it made is not when i go into recovery it will show the htc screen again and it will say "entering recovery" at the top of the screen, then after 10 seconds it would turn off again and begin too bootloop.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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