HTC One X cracked screen.


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Aug 14, 2013
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ok, I picked up an HTC X one from a buddy (less than a year old) for about $200. not too bad for a great phone. I love this baby. my SECOND day of owning it the phone slipped out of my hand (I live in Arizona and it's HOT as hell down here so I didn't compensate for the sweat) and landed face down in some heavy gravel. I almost thought I got away scott free till the next day I notice that there's a hariline crack running from top bezel to side bezel in a slight curve near the right hand corner. (nice even crack .. barely noticeable unless you're looking for it at an angle). now the phone works like it always has. the crack is just BARELY through the gorilla glass... now I know the HTC one X is INSANELY stupid to repair and would cost about $200 to send back to HTC themselves to repair (grrrrrrrrr). Now the question I have issssssssss. can I live with the phone the way it is? the crack doesn't impede vision functionality but I was wondering because a buddy said that if the screens cracked I'll lose the touchscreen sooner or later and the phone will be useless in a matter of months. I mean if the crack won't cause any problems to the LCD screen underneath than I have no problems keeping it, but I had a guy offer me a new LG optimus L9 for the HTC One X and I wondered if I should take the deal or not (if the HTC isn't going to last much longer due to the screen I'd rather get what I can for it rather than just hang on to what will become a piece of junk)


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Jun 4, 2010
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I recently replaced my screen on my One X. It was not fun but was no worse than any other screen i've done. If the crack doesnt impede function, why rock the boat if you can live with the visual impairment. Put a screen protector over it if you need to. It should not effect the touch functions if they arent already messed up. thats a cable thing, not a glass thing. My only concern would be, if you let it ride, dust (especially in AZ) or moisture getting into or under the crack.

I picked up the screen and LCD kit on Amazon for $36 shipped.

Edit: The Optimus L9 doesnt compare to the One X in any regard, IMO

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