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I forgot my Galaxy Note Edge back up password, how can I recover it?


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forgot my galaxy note edge back up password please help !

my fingerprint didnt work several times and it gave me the option of backup password which i have also forgotten. i tired the android device manager method to unlock my galaxy note edge, i reset the password but its still locked even after entering the new password i created through the android device manager. please help me unlock my galaxy note edge


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Apr 17, 2012
Re: forgot my galaxy note edge back up password please help !

Remove your 2-step authentication and enter the backup password wrong a few times. It will then prompt for your Google Account Information -- Then you can enter that to get into the phone.


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Jul 26, 2015
I am having the same problem. my phone and fingerprint scanner worked all morning until around 10am. Then my Fingerprint software just up and disappeared. It wants a backup password. I have a short list of different things that I use. Not one of them is working. I am registered on Google Android Manager. It allows me to PUT a secondary lock screen on the phone, with a message even, but all I have to do is hit the back button on my bottom of the phone and the new "lock screen" disappears also and right back to my phone's lock screen demanding a backup password.

No matter how many times I enter the Wrong password and it brings up the 'You've exceeded the max attempts, you will be prompted to enter via google' or something like that....

it just continues to go right back to my phone's lock screen. I'm not getting any other options of gaining access to my phone. My phone was stolen a couple of months ago and the google feature popped right up for me when I purposefully entered the wrong password, ON the phone. Now? It doesn't show at all. Just asks for the backup password and nothing more. Please help me figure this out so I don't have to reset my phone and lose all the pictures I JUST took on Monday of my niece's visit home from CO! And so many other things I just cannot lose. :(


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Feb 26, 2016
Hi, my cell, galaxy note edge, i forgot my password and i can not use it, can you help me? I went to my google account and did not find a way.